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I am from Singapore, a little island near the equator in South East Asia. The maps below show where Singapore is located.

Singapore                                   ASIA

                              southeast_asia_ref_2000.jpg (197181 bytes)

I Come from a loving family of seven; my parents, 3 elder sisters and a younger brother. I was born in the middle of March 1968,  at KK Hospital Singapore. Since then, I am known as Walter Low. WAI TUCK is my Chinese name which means the noble one.  :-)

Here is a photo of my family. I am the guy in the black T-shirt below ....

family.jpg (155008 bytes)

When I reached 18, I was invited to join the Singapore Armed Forces Infantry unit for my 2 year of national service. During this period I have learned how to drive a tank (wow !) and also how to hide without knowing where actually I am.

I then enrolled to Nanyang Technologies University in 1992 for my under-graduate studies. I graduated with a Honors Degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering in 1995.

After graduation, I worked for NEC Electronics Singapore as a ASIC engineer for 2 years. Then I joined Siemens Semiconductor Singapore (which is now Infineon Technologies) as a IC Design Engineer in the communication IC department.

Currently, I am with Infineon, in the Optical Networking department located at San Jose, California USA.